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Escondido,Ca 92026
TEL: (760) 297-1135
EMAIL: Arnposter@cox.net
Teresa is kind enough to share with all of us her sewing room and comments.    
My sewing and computer desk.  I also embroider and am starting to machine quilt in this space. (I move the keyboard out of the way).

My thread holders are braced to the wall, so I can keep my embroidery threads detangled and always know what I need more of!

I use a shoe organizer on a small table beside sewing desk to hold all sewing related notions
My work table.  L shaped from my sewing desk.  I use a small cutter mat here, a light box for paper piecing, and a few drawes to hold sewing goodies.

This corner also holds my TV and shipping supplies, as well as business cards, etc.  I slide extra mats/fold away table, etc. behind it.
A look under sewing desk:  Trash can to the left is there for the millions of strings that find their way around my work area,  I have a little step stool so I can be at appropriate height to my sewing machine...and a roll away caddy to hold...yes, you guessed it...MORE notions.

Unseen, I also have a heating pad for the chair back b/c don't we all have bad backs if we sew much at all???  Gotta keep going, though!!
This is the L shaped storage area across the small room...I have lots of material, as well as unfinished/finished projects.  There is also a hanging rod(s) for projects.  There are  dowel rods in the corner, styrofoam forms, batting and related supplies.
And here several books, trims, bias tape,ribbons etc. on the top shelf, plus a clock that doesn't work, but who cares when I am sewing or quilting.
These are a few projects in the bag.  I'm not sure if you can see the detail, but the one on the bottom is my flower garden inspired quilt pattern from Donna's rotary cutting book.  Above it is my grandmothers flower garden quilt top from about 60 years ago that has never been finished..one of my next projects...
Thanks a bunch, Teresa, for sharing your sewing room with all our many website viewers---
And finally my design wall made from an old matress cover and white sheet--velcro along the top to add a black sheet for photo taking.  On the design wall is my flower garden quilt not yet finished.