Lap Throw--35" by 43"
Easy--and a great look!

  This project uses the Whirling Cabin pattern

Block size--------7 1/2"
Blocks needed--20 total
     (4 across, 5 down)
Make 20
Centers---------------1/4 yd
Row 1------------------5/8 yd (light color)
Row 2 thru 5---------1 1/8 yd EACHof 4 colors
Border------------------1/2 yd
Muslin base----------1 1/2 yds
Backing----------------1 1/2 yds
Binding-----------------1/2 yd
   Center--------------20 (1 per block)
   Row 1--------------80 (4 per block)
   Rows 2 thru 5---20 EACH of four colors
          (1 each per block)

Row 1 is all one color (lightest)
Row 2 is one each of four colors
Remaining rows follow color placement of Row 2
Yardages for other size projects: (7 1/2"  blocks)
     Rows 2 thru 5---Each of 4 colors:
        Crib----------------1 5/8 yds
        Twin---------------4 1/8 yds
        Double------------5 1/4 yds
        Queen------------5 1/4 yds
        King---------------6 1/4 yds
        Lap Throw-------2 1/2 yds
        Wall Hanging---7/8 yd

NOTE: All other yardages same as in the basic pattern
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