44" by 53"
An optical illusion!  Thers's only two squares, and they are easy!

This project uses the Log Cabin Foldy Stuff design

Block size--9"
Blocks needed---20 total
  (4 across, 5 down)
Block A
need 10
Block B
need 10
Blocks--------2 1/4 yds EACH of two
      fabrics  (light & dark)
Border--------3/4 yd
Muslin--------2 3/4 yds
      (includes blocks and border liner)
Backing------2 3/4 yds
Center squares--------cut 10 EACH, light & dark--
        2 1/2" by 12 1/2"
From 2" wide strips, cut the following lenghts:
        10 EACH, light & dark--10"-- 2 1/2"
        20 EACH, light & dark---9 1/4"--8 1/2"--7 3/4"
            7"--6 1/4"--5 1/2"--4 3/4"--4"--3 1/4"
Border-----cut 4 1/2" wide.
Muslin-----cut 20--11" by 11"
CONSTRUCTION:---Add strips in the following order (as shown in the blocks above):

Block A: center (dk)--rows 1 & 2 (lt)--3(dk)--4(lt)--5 & 6(dk)--7(lt)--8(dk)--9 & 10(lt)--11(dk)--12(lt)--13 & 14(dk)--15(lt)--16(dk)--17,18(lt)--19(dh)--20(lt)

Block B: Add strips in the opposite order from Block A
HINT: It helps to stack the strips, starting with the longest on the bottom.
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Foldy Stuff pattern
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