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My friend, you just found the best damn Happy Hour website page in the world.  We aren't giving anything away, and we aren't selling anything.    We are not crackpots, religious zeolots or fall down drunks;  just two guys with an idea who just happen to like a martini at Happy Hour. And we would like to share our experience with you.

If you google "Happy Hour" up pops 14,702,00 sites.  Narrow the search to "Happy Hour Drinking" and the count drops to 1,470,000.  Now, that's still a lot of happy people.  Every pub, bar and restaurant has a happy hour, as do sporting events, conferences or when any group of folks get together for anything.  Let the word go forth from this blog that we do not recommend the use of adult beverages to alter ones ability to function,  we do, however, recommend it as a way to loosen up or unwind, or to just taste a great beverage or food.
So, we have this crazy idea that if everyone in the world loosened up for just an hour each day, had a drink or food of their choice, which could be anything from a glass of orange juice to a triple martini, sat down and talked to each other, that, at least, for that one hour, they would not be shooting at each other and peace would reign in that part of the world.  A totally insane idea!!!  We even have a secret handshake, which I can't explain here least the geek police brand this blog as pornograghic.
Here is the Wikipedia definition of Happy Hour with a little editing:

"Happy hour" is a marketing term for a period of time in which a restaurant or bar offers discounts on alcoholic drinks, such as beer, wine and cocktails.

Typically, it is in the late afternoon Monday through Thursday, sometimes Friday, usually taking place at some point between 4 PM and 7 PM. This promotion is intended to boost business on what may otherwise be a slow day. In most cases the "happy hour" lasts longer than a single hour. The term Happy Hour also is commonly used to describe the gathering of work colleagues at a restaurant or bar after work hours, including outside the period of 4 PM and 7 PM.

In some European countries like the Netherlands, the price of an alcoholic drink is regulated and selling them at half price is prohibited. During happy hour, a customer gets double the amount of drinks instead.

The term originated in the United States Navy In the 1920s, “happy hour” was slang for on-ship performances. “Happy” in this context meant slightly drunk.  The idea of drinking before dinner has its roots in the Prohibition era When the 18th Amendment and the Volstead Act  were passed banning alcohol consumption. Citizens would host “cocktail hours”, also known as “happy hours”, at a speakeasy  (an illegal drinking establishment) before eating at restaurants where alcohol could not be served. Cocktail lounges continued the trend of drinking before dinner. "Happy hour" entered civilian use around 1960, especially after a Saturday Evening Post article in 1959. Happy hour has become a tradition for many workers, white and blue collar alike.

The push against drunk driving and alcohol abuse has curtailed the use of the happy hour to some extent.
In the 1980s, bars started providing free
hors d'oeuvres to lower the blood alcohol content of patrons.
Happy hour has been illegal in the Republic of Ireland since 2003 under the Intoxicating Liquor Act
Glasgow has banned happy hours to reduce binge drinking

In 1984, the U.S. Military abolished happy hours at military base clubs.
Massachusetts was one of the first U.S. States to implement a state-wide ban on Happy Hours in 1984.  The Canadian province of Alberta created restrictions to Happy Hours that took effect in August 2008 . All such promotions must end at 8 PM, and drink prices must conform to the Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission's minimum price regulations at all times.

Despite the controversy, happy hour still exists around the globe. In the United States, "Happy Hour" culture consists largely of junior and mid-level professionals getting together for a drink to unwind after work. In the United Kingdom, the cocktail hour serves a similar purpose, but traditionally begins at 5pm and ends an hour later
We pledge our total devotion to the accomplishment of peace in the world through expansion of the concept known as, "Happy Hour."

If you stumbled upon this page,  and are so inclined, please let us know who you are, and how you observe your Happy Hour.  Send a photo and we will put it on this site  Respond to
World Wide Happy Hour knows no food, drink or age. 
Michael here, "Who says Happy Hour is for the birds."
I was rode hard and put up wet today.  Thanks to Happy Hour I shall survive.----Michael
Beer is God's way of saying he loves man and wants him to be happy.
----------------------------------------Benjamin Franklin

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Testimonial from a viewer:

I love WWHH  What a grand idea.  I think shall start today!-----------Jody
Here is Arnold's happy hour through the year
Summer is great for a Happy Hour.  Arnold  sometimes does a 1 1/2  hour with a double martini.
They say that if you build it (a great martini) they will come.-----Arnold
Now you have to admit, Arnold seems to carry this Happy Hour thing a little to far.  But, you just gotta do, what you just gotta do.
Spring edition will post when spring gets here.